"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time" - Thomas Merton

About the Artist

In January 2004, I took my first One StrokeTM painting class. From that first lesson, I was hooked! After learning the basics, and having the desire to practice, practice, practice, I decided to take the leap to becoming an instructor. I became an In-Home ArtTM Teacher in May, 2004, teaching classes in home parties.

I desparately wanted to learn more and be able to teach in retail centers, so I attended One StrokeTM Certification instruction in July 2005 and became a One StrokeTM Certified Instructor (OSCI). I continue to expand my education in the creative arts and have achieved the following certified instructor levels to date:

As a One StrokeTM Certifying Elite Director, I am able to instruct and certify other painters as OSCI's. In late 2010, I opened my home-based studio to teach classes, certifications and workshops.

In 2006 I started my art sales business - La Mia Arte. I travel to local art & craft shows, selling my hand-painted glassware and canvas - all of which are available through this website as well.

I really enjoy the relaxing, creative and inspirational aspects of decorative painting. Over time I have discovered that art and creativity are a part of my spirit. I firmly believe the ability to create lies in all of us - because we were created by God in His image. Because He is a Creator - our Creator - we too are blessed to have a creative nature. I encourage everyone to awaken their God-given creativity.